Madad Nick Teb is an Iranian registered company established in 2004, located in No 25, Khedri St., Ghaem Magham Ave., Tehran, Iran.

 Tel: +982188811690

We market and supply a range of medical products including cardio-surgery products, cardiac rhythm controller implants, electrophysiology equipment and disposables. We also have new equipment in vascular field used for improving the quality of coronary catheterization and stenting.

Our sales and marketing team, all over the country are all highly qualified and clinically educated personnel whose purpose is to promote and educate the end-users on the product range we offer. They are ably supported by our administrative and after-sales team who ensure the smooth running of procedures for all the products we represent.

We participate in all relative International Congresses and have a strong presence in National Congresses. Locally, we set up specialised symposiums and workshops to promote a line of products or to refresh the training on an established line of product.

All products are required by law of sales of medical products to have International Approval; however, we also seek local approval from national societies and the Ministry of Health. We have found that the approval of a Society or a local eminent professional is as important as the International Approvals.


  • Provide our clients with the highest quality of medical devices/equipment from the best-known producers in the world.
  • Ensure the third party (patient) will never suffer from the quality of the products we deliver to the medical staff.
  • Ensure our clients are trained and acquainted with the devices/equipment outfitted with the latest technology available in the world.
  • Ensure our professional employees are readily available to stand with the medical staff and help in the process of implementing surgery devices and equipment.
  • Ensure our company reputation for the integrity and premier provider of the medical devices /equipment in the region.
  • Ensure our clients will receive the most advanced devices within the best possible time frame and receive our full support from the time of placing their orders through the life cycle of a device.

Our Mission

Since MNT is in the business of delivering life-saving medical devices and equipment to millions of people, our obligation toward the customers which are the hospitals, and the third party who is an unknown patient obliged us to be a vigilant, responsive and caring company to achieve our goal of being an outstanding provider.

  • How do we reach this goal?  Simply achieved by hiring the best professionals available in the business, and the most desired individuals to help the medical institutions with the much-needed devices for operations. We also provide first-class in house and abroad training.


The company has four divisions, each with specialised personnel and separate sales staff.

For each product, we conduct market research and an assessment programme. These include registration with the local authorities, presentation of samples for approval by physicians and compatibility with similar product in the market.


This is our most important departments and recently we have expanded in this area. We specialise in cardiosurgery areas and our product range includes heart valves, cannula, cardiac oxygenators, Heart Lung pumps and ECMO and recently sutures.

MNT represents the following manufacturers in this department:

  • St. Jude Medical Inc. USA(Abbott)          Heart Valves, Rings, pericardial Patches and Grafts
  • Getinge (Maquet)                                     Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary products
  • Meril ( India)                                               Endo-surgery products


In this department, we deliver extremely effective therapy for different types of arrhythmias by having St. Jude (abbott) pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) along with programming and implanting of these devices.


We are dedicated to provide a full range of electrophysiology (EP) solutions designated to enable diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias.

MNT is market leader in this field and offers the best equipment, disposables, services and trainings in hospitals.


In Vascular division we provide diagnostic devices for coronary artery diseases. We are pioneer in the country with the best device provided and interventional cardiologists can diagnose atherosclerosis significantly either by our anatomical imaging device OCT or our physiological device FFR.


Supplying and distributing medical products in any market can be a time consuming and costly exercise due to the various regulations, procedures and financial requirements involved.

Madad Nick Teb is in constant touch with the market place and fully understands the buying procedures throughout the industry.

For medical products registration at the national level is important and we take full responsibility locally for this procedure. The particular product is registered under the manufacturer’s name with MNT being responsible for the sales distribution and after-sales service.



When we initiate a product entry into a market we carry out a market survey to determine for our own benefit and that of the manufacturer, the potential sale value of a particular product.

To this end we take all the relevant information about the product and gather information such as:

  1. Potential sale of the product line
  1. Competitive product line imported
  1. Sales volume per year
  1. Local manufacture of similar product
  1. Hospital survey
  1. Clinical survey
  1. Price survey, i.e. similar product sold in the free market or through state purchase.

We follow an initial discussion with the prospective supplier by giving a full report on the potential market.

MNT carries out this survey at its own expense, but we ask that while this research is proceeding we are given a chance to finalise the results of our findings prior to making a commitment on either side, i.e. MNT or the supplier. In the event of a successful assessment of the market, we will enter into negotiations on an agreement to set up a distribution agency.